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Tallinn Centre Of Aesthetic Upbringing

The Tallinn Centre For Aesthetic Upbringing has been registered in 1989. The initiative came from the group of teachers, parents and volunteers of the music and drama studio "The Blue Bird" (1987-1994 гг.) lead by T.Tšervova, backed by two Tallinn gymnasiums, №26 and №58.

The centre immidiately gained full support from the Estonian National Opera and the Tallinn Russian Drama Theatre company.

The major goal of the Centre is the promotion in various forms of the extracarricular art education. It lays particular stress on classical arts, as well as the history of world culture and culture sciences: the theory of culture, history, ethics, aesthetics, art psychology, rhetoric.

The Centre's first project was organising a cycle of lectures popularising classical opera and ballet for the pupils and parents of Tallinn Russian-speaking secondary schools. The lectures were held at the Estonian National Opera and continued for several years (1989 – 1993).